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We Believe...

We believe people today prioritize fitness and better nutrition to improve their lives but are more isolated than ever before due to a hyper-connected digital age, also known as social media.

Our vision, is to provide a way for fitness minded people to connect easier with one another and thrive even more! 

Fit-Bar is setting a new trend in the way people meet, socialize, and make friends.


our passion...

Our passion is to encourage this new way of connecting through sweating and socializing (#SweatThenBeSocial) to increase individual happiness and over all quality of life.

how you can get started

Want to Fit-Bar?

#SweatThenBeSocial is our tagline

Fit-Bar is a movement, we are creating by establishing new opportunities, to connect with others who are healthy minded.

With millions of people seeking fitness we want to make it easier to discover who else is seeking competition, encouragement, or engagement.

Are you a person, fitness studio, or business wanting to connect through fitness? Then we have something tailored just for YOU!


Here are three actions you can take to get involved with the awesomeness we have going on through Fit-Bar:

  1. Join Fit-Bar's Social Platform! Are you looking for a healthier social outlet, community, or way to stay motivated? Fit-Bar's SP, is made to enhance your healthy lifestyle, with easy-to-use features: "Check-in", "Contests", "Meetups"  and more.
  2. Become a partner with Fit-Bar. Our mission is to enhance people's lives for the masses! We would love to learn more about your business and how we can collaborate either through our Social Platform or Meetups.
  3. Hire us for a meetup! Are you a mid-large size company looking for a way to reward your employees and invest in their health? We partner with some of the most-sought after fitness companies for a workout and put on a fun social class afterward. It's a great alternative to the traditional "company happy hour".
  4. Receive helpful social tips through our newsletters and blogs. We love to connect people but realize it can make others feel shy and sometimes awkward. Our content helps making meeting new people seem effortless.

Our Social Platform

Free- $10/month

Join Fit-Bar

$40/month and up

All memberships are paid on a month-to-month basis.

If it's for a corporation we sign-up only on agreed upon terms.

Any questions regarding our memberships, meetups, or social platform please contact us below.

Expand your friendships beyond the walls of the studio

Our concept is designed to facilitate connections after a workout, as well as, establish stronger associations than the traditional "hey, how's it going".

We equip each person with the right expectations and encourage social interactions in a natural way.

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