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Is your fitness missing it's social?


Social Interaction is Key to your Physical Health

"People who have satisfying relationships with family, friends, and their community
are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer"
-Harvard Women's Health Watch

Start building YOUR community now! We value growth, are not afraid of discomfort, and know the value of teammates. 

Ready to be a part of a SOCIAL community where the only requirement is a willingness to sweat, Click below to view our schedule.

Our brain is a POWERFUL, but undervalued tool, learn to use it to manage your thoughts and emotions to get lasting results with goals.

A New Way of Being Social

We are Jake and Whitney, co-founders of FitBar.

In our own individual journeys we have sought out different fit and athletic goals that required us to be committed and put in the hard work. A challenge has always been meeting others who are like-minded or a community that pushes us. This left us feeling LONELY in pursuit of our goals. To solve this problem we created FitBar to fill this social void in fitness and a health gap in the bar scene.

We have found that the social - where we connect - is often an after thought in fitness.

TRUE connection takes intentional interactions! Our vision is to offer that to everyone who desires to be healthy.

Here's what we got:

Our 30/30 classes include just as much SOCIAL as it does FITNESS. So you have access to a healthy community who values friendships with others who are willing to sweat. We incorporate tools to connect with an opportunity to begin building your tribe. View our schedule for pop-up locations in Austin, TX

Here's what it will do for you:

  • Equip you with CONFIDENCE and SWAGGER for other social or networking situations.
  • Show you how to never waste an opportunity to make a friend you just sweat with.
  • Practice intentional connection by approaching temporary awkwardness with GRATITUDE and curiosity.
  • Create teammates out of strangers - they are the key to our success.
  • Commit to thrive by getting lasting results - with health or personal goals.
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"Great teammates help build lasting results for an amazing life".

Whitney & Jake Roehl Co-Founders FitBar

Our commitment is to CONNECT you with others, who are looking to do the same.

Connect with others...

In a world where social media has taken the place of obtaining quality relationships, we want to help you connect face-to-face with more like-minded people. Whether you are looking to date or just find friends - we got you covered!!

FitBar Products

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30/30 social workouts

30 minutes of sweating to earn your 30 minutes of social opportunities.  You'll always be meeting the kind of people who are willing to sweat with you.  Purchase one class or check out your membership options.

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Living by Design

The brain is a powerful tool that can unlock far more of our goals than we give it credit for.  At the end of the day our action, or inaction, is determined by our beliefs and those actions produce our results.  Are you ready start taking the actions that give the results you've been chasing?

BE a 

fitbar swag

Men's and Women's T-Shirts, Women's tank tops, and Killer Hats!!  I could write stuff here, but we both know you want it.  Just click the link and get the goods.

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