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Fit Bar is

A Social Solution

for healthy minded people who value

   Growth & Community



Tired of doing things alone?

Then You may want to make friends who:

  • Become more than acquaintances.
  • Are fit-minded and value a healthy community.
  • Enjoy similar activities that involve sweating like fitness, sports, or adventure.

Well, you are NOT alone,

making healthy-minded friends is not easy!

Yes, Meetup.com has gotten a lot of people to join new groups, get out of their comfort zone, and be more social- you've probably even made some friends from attending regularly. It's definitely made a huge impact on getting strangers to meet for one purpose, but there is something missing.

It's still difficult to meet people with similar health goals and a growth mindset to socialize with.

Of course, you can make new friends at gyms and studio's but who really has time to stick around after class just to chit-chat with a stranger?

That's exactly why we created FitBar- to meet new people who have similar health goals!

The health benefits to having a strong supportive community are just as influential as eating a nutritious diet and getting regular exercise.

Having strong healthy connections helps you:

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Lower stress levels

Having similar health goals builds a community that keeps you accountable and motivated when you don't "feel" like it. Maybe you want to run a 10k this year but training for it ALONE just doesn't sound fun.



Improve self-confidence

Having more quality friends, the ones you can count on, has several health benefits! Many of us have a lot of acquaintances but how many "2:00 am" friends? The friends who would adjust their schedule if you had a flat tire at two in the morning.


Live a happier life

by having people you can rely on to have healthy fun with. Having a "girls night" that leaves you feeling uplifted, encouraged, and forgetting about problems makes life more bareable.


Increase success

in self-improvement. Having similar goals builds a community that keeps you accountable and motivated when you don't "feel" like it. Maybe you want to run a 10k or make it in the AVP but training for it ALONE just doesn't sound fun.

The health benefits for making more friendships, connections, and a strong community are astounding! Unfortunately, we live in a world where it's more common to work, shop and entertain from the comfort of our own home. Which means less opportunities to meet new people or reasons to build relationships. 

we want to help YOU so you can live healthier, be encouraged, supported, and improve your overall quality of life.

So, when life throws you curve balls you'll have a healthy community to support you!

FitBar's Monthly Membership is COMING SOON!


We are super excited to be offering a monthly membership that will allow you to:

  • Maintain priority over non-members for events with limited space.
  • Receive discounts from our local partners.
  • Access to a filtered community - people who prioritize health and growth.
  • Attend any of our events at a discounted price.
  • Utilize our social platform that keeps you connected with members you met at an event.

Stay tuned for our pre-launch sale coming out in February


Check out our video on how FitBar provides you with "Intentional Sweat Links" as a solution to make more friends.


This Year Make a Social New Years Resolution

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Join Us

According to Harvard Health and several other articles, having quality social connections not only is pleasureful but influences our health long-term. 

This new years, instead of just changing diet and exercise to increase optimal health join our Social Challenge- add making 10 new friends to your list! If you're in, click below, we want to get as many people as possible on board. Cheers!

Ways to Get Involved

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Our Events

Make New Friends

Gain more opportunities to meet people who are willing to sweat, have similar interests, and want to make new friends. Sweat is usually involved whether it's SUP or doing a work out at a cool venue. We also add a social portion, led by a FitBar coach, so you aren't left to mingle solo.


Book Us

Corporate socials

We know that your employee's health and happiness are important to you!

Our valuable solution for you is unique because we offer events that are great for co-workers to engage outside of the normal happy hours. Also, we plan them catered to your company's needs.

Our Mission:

Is to fill a social VOID among healthy and growth minded people. We strive to provide social opportunities to sweat and intentionally connect. So that you can build a strong healthy community, since TRUE friendships take intentional interactions, we want to be YOUR solution!

What a Few Members are Saying

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FitBar is different than

other Meetups because of the intentionality.  I’ve been to hiking and exercise Meetups before, which were fine, but that’s all they were; fine. 

I’m an outgoing person and never meet a stranger, so going to a Meetup does provide me with a group to visit with, but that’s all it does.  Fit-Bar goes far beyond that.  They create an environment that creates a connection with others on a much deeper level because it's an engaging environment where they facilitate growth, depth, and community.  It’s wonderful.

Brooke Moore, North Austin


Helps me stay motivated

"Getting to meet and workout with new people who have similar goals helps me stay motivated. I feel like Fit-Bar is a unique combination of meetup group + social sports league + getting exercise. Most events are outdoors which is a good alternative to meetups at bars. I would recommend Fit-Bar to anyone looking for a new way to meet people with similar fitness goals and see more of Austin. 

For me it's a great alternative to a gym membership and gets me outside more often". 

-Lucas Powell, Southwest Austin


It's always good to make new friends

"When I attended FitBar my hope was to make some social connections with people interested in some level of fitness or activity. The fitness concept combined with the intentional social gathering is a great idea. 

I can find social groups and fitness groups separately but it's hard to manage both into one meetup group".

-Doug O., Domain Austin

Jake and Whitney Roehl are the co-founders of FitBar. They strive to live a life FULL of outdoor activities, exercise, and athletics because they have a genuine passion for it all. While doing these things they've struggled to:

  • Meet other healthy-minded people
  • Find people to join them in activities
  • Expand their circle of quality friends

This created a feeling of loneliness in pursuit of trying to find more like-minded friends. To solve this problem they created FitBar, to be a healthy social outlet.

Imagine living an amazing life, full of passion and surrounded by plenty of encouraging people.

We're Jake & Whit

and we want to be YOUR friend!